Foodie Favorites: Cold Desserts


As discussed, I’m happy to introduce a new monthly post highlighting some of my favorite foods.  To kick things off I decided to start with cold desserts.  Given that the hot summer weather is here, I figured it would be a good theme to start with.

1. Tasaka Guri Guri Shop: Guri Guri Ice Cream

IMG_0256This guri guri ice cream is a local favorite.  Every time I make it out to Maui, it’s a must stop.  The shop only sells two flavors, pineapple and strawberry, but don’t let the simplicity fool you because the ice cream is heavenly. The ice cream itself is more of an ice cream and shave ice hybrid.  It’s not as heavy and thick as your typical ice cream, but more like a creamier version of shave ice.  It’s so light and refreshing, and a perfect end to a hot day in the sun.

2. Dole Plantation: Dole Whip

IMG_4780 IMG_4790 IMG_4791

Oh Dole Whip, pineapple soft serve goodness.  What I love about this dole whip is that it taste so fresh and refreshing, like someone went pineapple picking in the morning to make it just for you. While you can find Dole Whipe at other locations, like Disneyland, there’s nothing better than the original at Dole Planation.  What makes Dole Plantation’s Dole Whip unique is (1) they offer it in a variety of ways (in a bowl, in a cone, with pineapples on the side, in a float, etc.); and (2) it’s made fresh with the pineapples from the plantation, or at least that’s what I like to think.  Whenever I’m taking a trip out to the north shore, this place is a must stop on the way back.

3. Serendipity: Frozen Hot Chocolate


I’m sure by now most of you have heard of Serendipty’s frozen hot chocolate.  There’s a location in Las Vegas and NYC (the original).  Since I’ve only been to the Las Vegas one, that’s the one I’ve included above.  I know this may sound weird, but it taste just like what you would imagine frozen hot chocolate to taste like, chocolate creamy goodness.  The texture is like a milkshake, but not one of those super thick milkshakes.  Each frozen hot chocolate is topped with a generous amount of whip cream and chocolate shavings.  The portion is pretty big, so you can definitely share one with a friend or go wild and have a whole one to yourself.

4. Ono Pops: Butter Mochi


The name says it all, ono pops (in Hawaii “ono” means taste good).  These popcicles are all homemade using local and organic ingredients, and come in a wide varaiety of flavors.  There are two types of popcicles, dairy based and water based, and they’ve got everything from guava chiffon to dark chocolate chinese five spice.  The popcicles are refreshing, and I love the innovative flavors.  My personal favorite, though, is butter mochi.  It’s creamy, dense and chewy, and taste just like butter mochi. I swear when you eat it, there are small pieces of butter mochi inside, which are like nuggets of heaven in your mouth.

5. Your Kitchen – Shave Ice


Your Kitchen is a small mom and pop shop in Kaimuki, but don’t let it’s appearance fool you.  Their shave ice is the best on the island; it’s super fine and melts in your mouth as you eat it.  That isn’t even the best part, though.  They have a selection of homemade flavors, such as lilikoi, mango, haupia, strawberry and lychee.  When you eat these flavors, it taste like the real thing, none of that artificial stuff.  Words cannot express how amazing it is.  They offer a variety of sizes and various toppings, but my favorite is the tropical bowl.  It comes with mango and haupia flavored shave ice with haupia ice cream *drool*.  I feel like I’m eating melt in your mouth haupia with a side of mango every time.