Beauty Favorites for 2012


With 2012 behind us, I thought it would be nice to summarize some of my beauty favorites for the year for everyone’s reference.  Some of these products have received quite a lot of talk during the year, and some of them are a little less well known.  Either way, I love them all almost equally, and they are all staples in my makeup/beauty routine.



1. Lush – Snow Fairy Shower Gel: I love the bubblegum smell of this body wash, and what’s better, I feel like the scent has a good stay power on your skin after you shower.  There’s no better feeling than getting out of the shower feeling clean and smelling good.  The body wash lathers nicely and includes an iridescent glitter.  Don’t worry, the glitter is very subtle and won’t leave your skin super sparkly when you’re done.  The only down side is that it’s a limited edition holiday product so don’t forget to stock up in December.  If you’re willing to risk it, Lush usually has a buy one get one free sale the day after Christmas so if it’s still in stock you can buy it then.

2. Victoria’s Secret – Plum Drop Body Mist: I don’t know how to describe this scent.  It’s sweet and what I imagine plum drops to smell like with maybe a slight floral scent.  The packaging is adorable.  While you can’t see it in the picture, the liquid is split between that opaque purple color and a clear color, which for some reason just looks really cool to me.  The only down side is that the scent doesn’t last on your skin very long since it’s just a body mist.

3. Dove – Gofresh Deodorant in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbana: I am a big fan of the formula in these Dove Gofresh deodorants   When I use it, it doesn’t seem as thick and cakey as other deoderants, but it still does it’s job.  It comes in a variety of scents, but I like the fresh smell of this scent.



1. NARS – Orgasm Blush: I’m sure you’ve already heard of this blush.  I feel like this is what NARS is known for, its orgasm blush.  I love the peachy pink color on my cheeks and the small touch of shimmer.  The pigment is fairly good so it does not take that much on your cheeks to add the color.

2. Boots No 7 – Time Resisting Resistance au Temps Night Cream:  This night cream has done wonders on my skin.  Living in Hawai’i and being pretty fair skinned, my face has gotten lots of freckles on the cheeks.  Now while most people may think the freckles are cute, realistically, they’re just small sun spots that have slowly been increasing and growing over time.  Using this cream has helped to reduce my freckles and clear my complexion.  When you apply it, you really don’t need that much.  I only use a couple of dots, enough to apply a thin layer on my skin.  I feel like it will last a good 6 months.  Unfortunately, this specific cream has been discontinued, but they did come out with a new night cream to replace it.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m thinking it’s new and improved.

3. Neutrogena – UltraSheer Liquid Daily Sunblock: This sun block is amazing.  It’s made specifically for your face and what I love about it is that when you apply it, your face doesn’t feel all gross and greasy like with normal sunblocks.  Once you massage it into your skin it’s so sheer that it’s like you never put it on.

4. Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturizer spf 20 oil free: What I love about tinted moisturizers is that they feel a lot lighter on the skin than typical foundations, but still add a decent amount of coverage.  I prefer the oil free tinted moisturizes just because with the humidity in Hawai’i sometimes my skin feels a little oily already so I didn’t want to add any extra oil.



1. Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Original:  I cannot emphasize how critical eye primers are when you’re doing your makeup.  When I first started using makeup in high school, I always used to wonder how people made their eye shadow last all day because a couple hours into the day and all my eyeshadow would be gone.  The secret is . . . primer!  Not only does this Urban Decay primer make my eyeshadow last all day/night, but it also brings the pigmentation out in the eyeshadow when I apply it.  The down side to some primers is that they create creasing on the lid.  However, this has never been an issue for me with the Urban Decay primer.  They also changed the packaging to a tube now, which will minimize the amount of unused product.

2. SANA – Super Quick Liquid Eyeliner:  I found this eyeliner back in 2011 and I haven’t used anything else since.  I’ve always been a liquid liner type of person just because pencil liners always tend to smear on my eyes by the end of the day and when I tried a gel liner it dried up inside of the container.  What is great about this eyeliner is that it’s easy to use and the tip is thin, making it easy to create both fine and thick lines on your lids.  I know some people have issues with liquid liner because it can smear easily before it dries.  For me, as long as I apply a little eyeshadow underneath it seems to dry almost instantly.

3. MAC – Creme de Violet Eyeshadow:  I know, when you look at this eyeshadow you’re like “really, it’s sooo bright and not good for everyday use.”  While this may be true, it doesn’t change how much I love this color.  There are so many neutral palettes and colors out there that it’s hard for me to pick just one that I really like.  So instead, I thought I would share this color that I love to use for special occasions or on a girls nights out when I want a nice pop of color on my eyes.  If I want to tone it down I’ll just apply it first on my lid and then use a grey or black color blended over it so it will just peep out on the crease.  If I want to go all out, I’ll use it in combination with a couple of other purple toned colors (usually when I’m wearing neutral colored clothes) to add a pop to my outfit.



1. Revlon – Strawberry Shortcake and Fig Jam Lip Butters:  I think these Revlon lip butters have been one of the big beauty crazes this year.  I love how moisturizing they are, and what’s better is that some of them have surprisingly good pigment.  Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite when I’m going for a more neutral lip color.  It’s a nice light pink color.   Add a bit of gloss for some shine on top and you’re good to go.  When I’m looking for a little more of a bold color, I like to use Fig Jam.  Don’t be alarmed by the brown packaging, I promise it doesn’t make your lips looks chocolate brown.  It’s a nice darker color, perfect especially for the fall.

2. Smashbox – Candid Lip Enhancing Gloss:  When it comes to lip gloss I’m always looking for a formula with a smooth finish, nothing too sticky.  Not only is this formula smooth and easy to apply, but it also has the slight scent/taste of vanilla (a good smell always helps).  What I love about this color is that it’s just a little darker than my natural lip, so it adds a bit of color and shine, but isn’t too extreme.



1. Essie’s Nice is Nice with OPIs Teenage Dream: I think this year I had a bit of an obsession with lavender colored nails.  I just like how the color is more subtle than other shades, but not the typical pink and red.  To kick it up a notch, I like to top it off with OPI’s teenage dream.  The color is beautiful and soooo sparkly.  I’m not sure what it is about this combination, but for some reason not only did I love the color but with a top coat it lasted on my nails for like two weeks (usually nail polish lasts on my nails around a week).

2. Essie’s Pink-a-Boo: With nail polish I feel like you can’t go wrong with something neutral for an every day nail.  After a couple of coats the polish is nice and opaque and there’s enough of a pink color that it doesn’t completely blend in with your skin.  What makes this polish unique from other pink polishes is that there are also really fine flecks of iridescent glitter that adds a nice, subtle sparkle to the nail.

There you go, all my 2012 beauty favorites in a nutshell.  Hopefully this helps you find some new products that you’ll also fall in love with.