Christmas Minion Nails

Christmas Minion Nails

With Christmas only a couple days away, I thought I’d come up with some last minute nail inspiration.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve been seeing minions everywhere.  They’ve got to be one of the most popular characters this year.  So I thought to myself, Christmas minions would be perfect!  While these nails do take a little time and effort, I absolutely love how cute they are.  Hopefully, you enjoy them too!

What you’ll need:

  • red nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • yellow nail polish
  • grey nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • black striper
  • dotting tool(s) (if you don’t have any, a bobby pin will work)

Step 1: Paint the nails that you would like to be your Christmas minions yellow.


Step 2: Paint the top of your nails 1/4 – 1/3 down with your red nail polish.  Don’t worry about it being nice across the bottom as we’ll be covering this with white nail polish.

minionsStep 3: Using your dotting tool and white nail polish, create the fuzzy part of your santa hat by dotting your white polish where your yellow and red polish meet.  I didn’t have a dotting tool, so I just used a bobby pin.

santa hatStep 4: Using your black striper, create a horizontal stripe below your santa hat, and curved line at the tip of your nail.  For the stripe, I find that it’s easiest to make a nice line by rolling your finger.

minionStep 5: Using your grey nail polish and largest dotting tool, we’re going to start making the goggles.  If you’re making the singled eyed minion, add a dot in the middle of your black line.  If you’re making the double eyed minion, create two dots in the middle of your nail.  If you’re using a bobby pin, you’ll have to make several dots in a circular motion so that you can get one big dot.  Don’t worry about it being perfect.  Notice mine is nowhere near perfect.

minion goggles

Step 6: Using your white nail polish and second largest dotting tool put a white dot in the middle of your grey dot.  If you’re using a bobby pin push down to create the largest dot possible.


Step 7: Using your black nail polish and smallest dotting tool, place a black dot in the middle of your white dot.  If you’re using a bobby pin, apply the dot with light pressure to create a smaller dot than the white dot.  Then you’re done!

Christmas Minions



Christmas Nails

December is here and Christmas has been fast approaching.  I feel like every year it somehow sneaks up on me, and then I suddenly realize it’s less than a week away and I haven’t done anything I was intending on doing.  That being said, I’ve made it my goal this year to get started a little earlier.  So as my first step, I’ve started doing some browsing for nail inspiration to help get my nails in a festive mood.  So far, here are some of my favorites and the related links that I’ve come across.

Flower Nails Part 3


I know spring is technically over, but I’m still loving all the different flower designs that I’ve been coming across. So I figured, I’d keep the flower tutorials coming.

What you’ll need:

  • red nail polish
  • pink nail polish
  • light pink nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • blackstriper
  • dotter (one bigger and one smaller)

Step 1: Paint your ring finger with white nail polish and the rest of your nails the pink nail polish.

IMG_4818Step 2: Using the red and pink nail polishes, paint blobs on your ring finger (these will be the flowers).  See my Spring Flowers French Manicure post for tutorial/example pictures.

IMG_4822Step 3. Using your black striper, draw some lines from your flowers to be the stems.  If you don’t have a striper, you can use a toothpick and your black nail polish.


Step 4. Using your bigger dotter and your light pink nail polish, place a dot in the middle of each flower.  (Note: I didn’t have a dotting tool so I just used a bobbypin and applied different pressures to make bigger and smaller circles.)

IMG_4837Step 5. Using your smaller dotter and your black nail polish, place a dot inside your pink dot.  Add a top coat, and you’re done.

IMG_48441 IMG_48551

Spring Flowers French Manicure


Pink and black has to be one of my favorite color combinations.  I think there’s just something about the contrast that I love.  So I thought to myself, since pink is such a standard color for flowers, I had to use the pink and black color combination in my next spring flowers tutorial.  So here you go.

What you’ll need

  • Black nail polish
  • Peach/pink nail polish (the more opaque the better)
  • Darker pink nail polish
  • Green nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Toothpick
  • Scrap paper, cardstock, etc
  • Top coat
  • Tape (optional)

Step 1: Using the black nail polish, french tip your nail.  The easiest way is roll your finger as you paint across the nail.  It doesn’t need to be exact since we’re going to paint the flowers on top, but if you want a clean line,  you can also use a piece of tape.  If you use tape, make sure it’s pressed on good (leaving no gaps between the tape and your nail).  Paint on the black polish and remove the tape immediately (don’t wait for it to dry).



Step 2: Let your nails dry to the touch.  Then taking your peachish pink color apply blobs of paint over the french tip.  This doesn’t have to be neat since flowers don’t have a set form.  Just try not to apply a really thick layer of paint since it’ll take longer to dry.


IMG_4377Step 3: Wait until the pink polish has dried.  We’re going to use the toothpick next so it’s important that your nails are dry.  Place some of the darker pink nail polish on your scrap piece of paper.  Then dip your toothpick in the polish and draw squiggly lines on the flowers to distinguish the petals.  This doesn’t have to be super neat.  I generally draw five arcs around the outside for five petals and then a couple additional arcs on the inside to make it look like there are layers.  However, make sure you wipe your toothpick tip every so often so that you don’t have a blob of polish at the tip.  You want the toothpick to be clean so that you can draw the fine lines.


Step 4: Place some of the green nail polish on the scrap paper and using your toothpick draw lines to create leaves.


Step 5: Place some of the yellow nail polish on the scrap paper and using your toothpick place a dot in the center of each flower for the pollen.

Step 6: Add a top coat to seal in the polish and add some shine to your nails and you’re done.

IMG_4393x IMG_4400x IMG_4396x

Spring Flower Nails


I think spring is one of my favorite seasons, well in theory since Hawai’i doesn’t really have seasons.  From a fashion standpoint, I love all the colors and floral prints that come out.  From a work stand point, I love the fact that busy season is over.  Overall, I just feel like it’s a bright and happy season, if that makes any sense.  So although I’m a little late, in the spirit of spring I thought I would come out with some floral nail designs.

What you’ll need:

  • Background nail polish (should be lighter than your flower colors)
  • Two complimenting nail polish colors for your flower (opaque polishes work best)
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Makeup sponge
  • Top Coat

Step 1: Paint your nails with two coats of your background color.

IMG_43112. With your darker color, paint your three petals.  Your first petal should just be one diagonal stroke from the inside of your finger to the corner, your second petal is another paint stroke across the tip of your nail, and your last petal is a downward stroke along the side of your nail

PicMonkey Collage

Step 3: Brush your second color onto your make sponge.  Dab some of the excess paint off, and then dab it over your first flower color following the three petals you made.  Make sure you don’t completely cover the first color.  We’re going for a little bit of a fade effect, as if each petal changes from pink to purple.

Continue this step for all your nails, and reapply nail polish onto your makeup sponge as needed.fade

Step 4: Similar to step 3, brush your yellow onto a new makeup sponge (or another corner of your first sponge if you still have room).  Dab the excess paint off and then dab the yellow into the corner of your nail.

Continue this step for all your nails, and reapply nail polish onto your makeup sponge as needed.

Step 5: This is optional, but if you want to add some extra sparkle, top your nails with a fine glitter polish.

Step 6: Apply a top coat to seal your polish and add some shine to your nails, and you’re done!IMG_4341


Polka Dot Nails


I’ve been in the mood for pink nails lately.  I think it’s the anticipation of spring and bright colors.  Plus there’s something about bright colors that just makes me feel a little more happy inside.  Since I couldn’t decide which shade to go with, I thought why not just use them all.

What you’ll need:


  • Base nail polish (Julep’s Natalie)
  • Dotting polishes (Sephora by OPIs A-ha Moment!, It’s All About Me and Only Gold For Me and Barielle’s Skinny Dip)
  • Top coat (Seche Vite)
  • Dotting tool (yes I used a bobby pin)
  • Scrap paper/cardstock/plastic

Step 1: Paint on your base polish and let it dry to the touch.


Step 2: Using your first dotting color, place a couple drops on your scrap paper (I used an old giftcard) and use your dotting tool to create dots.  If you don’t have dotting tools of different sizes, you can create smaller and larger dots by changing the amount of pressure you apply.  I did mine, generally, in a diagonal across the outside of my nail.  Don’t forget, you will be using other other colors, so 3-4 dots will do.

*Note: I would use your colors in order of opacity and/or shade, using your least opaque color or lightest color last.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 with as many colors as you like.  I finished my nails with Sephora’s Only Gold For Me to add some sparkle on top.


Step 4: Add a top coat to seal in the polish and add shine, and you’re done.



Valentines Day Nails: French Tip Hearts


Okay I know . . . it’s been awhile.  I had a lot of Valentine’s day posts planned, but with work and moving the timing just wasn’t there.  It’s okay, though, there’s still a few days left, and I was able to pump out at least one more nail tutorial.

Who doesn’t love french manicures?  The look is so clean, simple and elegant.  So of course I thought it would be perfect for a Valentine’s day date.  Add a few hearts, nothing too extravagant, but still cute and v-day themed.

What you’ll need:

  • Red nail polish (Essie’s “she’s pampered”)h
  • Pink nail polish (Sephora by OPI’s “it’s all about me”)
  • White nail polish (Sephora by OPI’s “a-ha! moment”)
  • Top coat
  • Dotting tool (if you don’t have one a bobby pin will work)
  • Scrap piece of paper/plastic/cardstock

Step 1: Using the white nail polish, french tip your nails.  The easiest way to do it is to roll your finger and move the brush as little as possible.  If you mess up, don’t worry, take an old eye shadow brush, dip it in nail polish remover, and swipe back and forth (like a windshield wiper).


Step 2: Put some red nail polish on your scrap paper and using your dotting tool, create a heart. I randomly  placed one heart on each nail.  See this tutorial on how to make a heart.


Step 3: Using the pink nail polish, repeat “step 2.”


Step 4: Paint on your top coat to seal the polish in and add a nice shine.

Step 5: If you have some extra paint on your fingers, take a q-tip and dip it in some nail polish remover and clean it up.

That’s it, you’re done!