Sashimi Rice

I don’t know about your family, but one of our family favorites at any get together is sashimi (raw fish sliced into thin pieces).  However, the thing about raw fish is that you really only want to eat it fresh.  It’s not something that taste just as good as next day leftovers.  So what do we do with the leftovers?  We cook it with rice, literally.  This is one of my leftover faves because it’s so easy to make and taste so good.  All you need is leftover sashimi, rice, shoyu, green onions, nori and oil (I use sesame oil).  Realistically, you could simple it down with just sashimi, rice and shoyu, but I enjoy the extra flavor that the onions, nori and oil add.  In all honestly, I do this purely by taste and what I have on hand at the time, but I think that this is one of those recipes that works best when adjusted to personal preferences.


To make this dish just cook your rice in a rice cooker.  How much you cook really depends on how much leftover fish you have, and how much rice you like to eat with your fish.  I probably had enough fish for two cups of rice, but was cooking for one so I only made one cup of rice and took half my leftover sashimi.  Once the rice is done, dig a hole in the middle and lay out your fish.  Then sprinkle with oil and shoyu.  I also had some hot mustard and ginger, so I mixed it with the shoyu before I poured it over the fish.


Once the fish is in there with all the seasonings, mix it with the rice and let the rice cook the fish.  Let it sit for a couple of minutes to give the fish some time to cook and the flavors to mix.  Since the sashimi is sliced thinly, the heat from the fresh rice and rice pot is all it needs to cook.  Once it’s done, top it with some korean nori and green onions and enjoy.


Still have leftovers?  It’s okay, you can make them into musubis to snack on later.



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