Tortizza: Healthier Tortilla Pizza


Pizza has to be one of my all time favorite foods.  Who doesn’t love the combination of melted cheese, buttery dough and a wide array of vegetables and meats included to your liking?  Unfortunately for me, all that oil and grease just isn’t good for you.  Usually after I eat a couple of slices I feel gross, heavy and like I need to head straight to the gym.  But . . . I put myself through it anyway.  This got me thinking, there has to be a lighter and heavier way to enjoy a pizza.  I had heard of some people using a tortilla to make a homemade pizza, so I thought I should give it a try.  End result, I’m now obsessed.  I think I made this pizza 3 times in the past 4 days.  It’s so easy and fast to make, and I feel like I’m eating healthy because it’s really just vegetables and a tortilla (probably would be even healthier if I used a wheat tortilla). Plus, the beauty of pizza is that you can make it anything you want.  Add more cheese, use different vegetables, add some meat, whatever you prefer.

Ingredients (makes one pizza):

  • 1 flour tortilla
  • 2 1/2T pizza sauce
  • 3T shredded mozzerella
  • 1 C chopped vegetables of your choice
  • 1T julienned basil for garnish (optional)
  • Olive oil (I used garlic olive oil for extra flavor)
  • Kosher salt

Step 1: Preheat oven to 385 degrees

Step 2: Chop all of your veggies.  What vegetables you use are up to you.  I used tomatoes, red bell peppers and yellow onions, but that’s just because they’re all I had.  If they were available, I probably would’ve added mushrooms and used a yellow or orange bell peppers (instead of red) for some color. I sliced my tomatoes about 1/4 inch thick and quartered them.  I used about a quarter of a bell pepper, julienned it, and sliced the pieces in quarters.  I used the same technique for the onions as well, but really only used a fraction of some leftover onion that I had.


Step 3: Put your pizza sauce on the tortilla, leaving about a 1/2 inch border for the crust.  I didn’t have any pizza sauce so I used marinara instead.  Either way, it’ll still taste good.


Step 4: Sprinkle your Mozzarella on top and then add all of your vegetables.  Once everything is laid out, drizzle some olive oil and a pinch or two of kosher salt for flavor.  I used my garlic olive oil for extra flavor and since I love garlic.  If you don’t have any, maybe consider adding some herbs (garlic, thyme, oregano, etc.).  My only concern was that I didn’t want any of the herbs to burn as I probably would’ve minced them.

IMG_3935 IMG_3936

Step 5: By now your oven should be preheated.  Put your pizza in and cook for 15 minutes (until the crust is golden brown).

Step 6: Garnish with basil, cut, serve and enjoy!



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